C15 – 0084-10 Vehicle Speed signal rate of change (36)

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

The ECM detects the following conditions:
• The vehicle speed signal changes more than 5 MPH on eight consecutive readings in three
• The engine speed is greater than the programmed “VSL Protection” minus 100 rpm.
• The “VSL Protection” parameter is programmed to a value that is less than 2120 rpm.

Note: If the ABS is the source of the vehicle speed, the ABS must not be active.

System Response:
“DIAG” will be displayed next to the status for “Vehicle Speed” on the electronic service tool. The check engine lamp will illuminate.

Possible Performance Effect:
Engine rpm is limited to the programmed “VSL Protection” for eight seconds.

Perform the following diagnostic procedure: “Vehicle Speed and Speedometer Circuit – Test”

• OK – STOP.

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