C15 – 0253-02 Check Customer or System Parameters (56)

Conditions Which Generate This Code:
This condition indicates a Customer Specified Parameter or a System Configuration Parameter that
requires programming has not been programmed.

Once this parameter has been programmed, the code may still be active. This can happen if there is
yet another parameter that requires programming.

System Response:
Electronic System Response The fault is Active only and the fault is not Logged. If the Personality
Module Code of the new Personality Module does not match the Code of the old Personality Module,
the engine is limited to low idle. If the “Rating Number” has not been programmed, the ECM limits
the engine to 119 kW (160 hp). When a new ECM is initially powered up, the following parameters must be programmed to avoid this diagnostic code:
• “FLS” (Full Load Setting)
• “FTS” (Full Torque Setting)
• “Vehicle Speed Calibration”
• “Rating Number”
• “Engine Serial Number”
• “Injector Codes Calibration”

Engine Response The ECM will limit the engine to low idle if the parameter is the FLS or the FTS.
The ECM may also limit the power if the parameter is a rating number.

Perform the following diagnostic procedure: “ECM Memory – Test”

• OK – STOP.

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