C15 – 0284-05 Engine Coolant Diverter current low (98)

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

The Engine Control Module (ECM) detects the following conditions:
• The ECM is not attempting to activate the engine coolant diverter and the ECM detects less than 25 ?A for at least eight seconds.
• The engine coolant diverter is off.

Note: The ECM continually applies a small current to the engine coolant diverter. If a voltage source that is greater than 1.3 VDC is applied to the system, the current will fall below the trip point.

System Response:
The ECM will log the diagnostic code. The check engine lamp will illuminate once this diagnostic code has been active for 30 seconds. In cold climates, the temperature in the cab may be low.

Possible Performance Effect:

Perform the following diagnostic procedure: “Engine Coolant Diverter Circuit – Test”

• OK – STOP.

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