Fault Code Warning Lamps Stay On (No Apparent Reason)

Symptom Tree  t083

This is symptom tree t083
Cause Correction

Electronic fault codes active or high counts of inactive fault codes

Refer to Section TF for fault code troubleshooting.


Diagnostic switch is in the ON position

Turn off the diagnostic switch.


Diagnostic shorting plug is installed

Remove the diagnostic shorting plug.


Diagnostic switch or circuit is malfunctioning

Check the diagnostic switch and circuit. Refer to Procedure 019-027.


Fault code warning lamp circuit is malfunctioning

Check the fault code warning lamp circuit. Refer to Procedure 019-047.


Electronic control module (ECM) or J1587 or J1922 datalink connectors have moisture in them

Dry the connectors with electronic parts cleaner, Part Number 3824510.

Last Modified:  02-Feb-2004

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