019-050   Fuel Shutoff Valve

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Resistance Check
Voltage Check

Resistance Check


Remove the solenoid wire.

Use the multimeter to check the coil resistance.

Fuel System Shutoff Valve Solenoid Specifications
Voltage Resistance Minimum (Ohms) Resistance Maximum (Ohms)
6 VDC 1 5
12 VDC 6 15
24 VDC 24 50
32 VDC 42 80
36 VDC 46 87
48 VDC 92 145
74 VDC 315 375
115 VAC 645 735

NOTE: If the solenoid shows 0 ohms, there is an electrical short in the coil.

If the coil resistance is correct, the assembly of the valve must be checked. If the coil resistance does not meet specification, the coil must be replaced. Refer to Procedure 005-043 in the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, M11 Series Engines, Bulletin 3666139, or Procedure 05-4 in Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, L10 Series Engines, Bulletin 3810439, or 005-043 in the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, N14 Series Engines, Bulletin 3666142.

Install the solenoid wire when the repair is complete.


Voltage Check


Make sure the shutoff valve coil is the correct voltage (12 or 24 VDC).

The coil voltage and part number are cast into the terminal connection end of the coil.


Turn keyswitch ON.

Use a multimeter to check the voltage to the coil.

The voltage must be the same as the battery voltage.

Turn keyswitch OFF.

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