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General Information

General Information


A thorough analysis of the customer’s complaint is the key to successful troubleshooting. The more information known about a complaint, the faster and easier the problem can be solved.

The Troubleshooting Symptom Charts are organized so that a problem can be located and corrected by doing the easiest and most logical things first. Complete all steps in the sequence shown from top to bottom.

It is
not possible to include all the solutions to problems that can occur; however, these charts are designed to stimulate a thought process that will lead to the cause and correction of the problem.

Follow these basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Get all the facts concerning the complaint
  • Analyze the problem thoroughly
  • Relate the symptoms to the basic engine systems and components
  • Consider any recent maintenance or repair action that can relate to the complaint
  • Double-check before beginning any disassembly
  • Solve the problem by using the symptom charts and doing the easiest things first
  • Determine the cause of the problem and make a thorough repair
  • After repairs have been made, operate the engine to make sure the cause of the complaint has been corrected

Last Modified:  25-Jun-2009