M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – Smoke, Black — Excessive

Symptom Tree  

Turbocharger wheel clearance is out of specification

Check the radial bearing clearance and axial clearance. Inspect the turbocharger. Repair or replace the turbocharger if necessary.


Air intake or exhaust leaks

Check for loose or damaged piping connections and missing pipe plugs. Check the turbocharger and exhaust manifold mounting. Refer to Procedure 010-024 (Air Leaks, Air Intake and Exhaust Systems) in Section 5.


Fuel grade is not correct for the application or the fuel quality is poor

Operate the engine from a tank of high-quality fuel. Refer to Procedure 018-002 (Fuel Recommendations and Specifications) in Section V.


Fuel drain line restriction

Check the fuel drain lines for restriction. Refer to the OEM service manual.

Contact a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility

Last Modified:  09-Dec-2004