M11 Industrial Operation and Maintenance – Smoke, White — Excessive

Symptom Tree  

Electronic fault codes are active

For instructions on how to read active fault codes, refer to Procedure 101-007 (Electronic Controlled Fuel System) in Section 1. If fault codes are active, contact a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility.


Engine block heater is malfunctioning (if equipped)

Check the electrical sources and wiring to the cylinder block heater. Replace the block heater, if necessary. Refer to the OEM service manual.


Coolant temperature is below specification

Refer to the Coolant Temperature Below Normal symptom tree.


Engine is cold

Allow the engine to warm to operating temperature. If the engine will not reach operating temperature, refer to the Coolant Temperature Below Normal symptom tree.


Fuel grade is not correct for the application or the fuel quality is poor

Operate the engine from a tank of high-quality fuel. Refer to Procedure 018-002 (Fuel Recommendations and Specifications) in Section V.


Overhead adjustments are not correct

Measure and adjust the overhead settings. Refer to Procedure 003-004 (Overhead Set) in Section 5.

Contact a Cummins Authorized Repair Facility

Last Modified:  09-Dec-2004