M11 Series – Service Manual – Engine Brake – Low Retarding Power or Slow to Activate (CELECT™ or CELECT™ Plus)

Symptom Tree  t037-155

This is symptom tree t037-155
Cause Correction

Electronically controlled features and parameters are incorrect

Refer to the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual CELECT™ Plus System, Bulletin 3666130, or the Troubleshooting and Repair Manual CELECT™ Electronic Control System L10, M11, and N14 Engines, Bulletin 3666084.


Engine is cold

Allow the engine to warm to operating temperature. If the engine will not reach operating temperature, refer to the Coolant Temperature Below Normal symptom tree.


Lubricating oil pressure is below specification

Check the oil pressure. If the pressure is low, refer to Procedure 007-028.


Air in the lubricating oil system

Check the oil level. If level is high, check for a cracked suction tube. Refer to Procedure 007-025.


Lubricating oil leak (internal)

Check the engine brake hose connections, the engine brake housing, and the jumper tube o-rings for oil leaks. Procedure 007-025


Engine brake lubricating oil supply line is restricted

Remove the oil supply line. Inspect the supply line for a restriction.


Engine brake adjustment is not correct

Adjust the engine brakes. Refer to Procedure 003-004.


Engine brake harness connectors are loose or broken

Check the engine brake harness connectors. Check the engine brake harness for continuity. Procedure 003-004


Master piston is stuck

Check the master piston for freedom of movement. Replace the master piston if necessaryProcedure 003-004.


Engine brake solenoid(s) is malfunctioning

Refer to the OEM service manual.

Last Modified:  28-Jul-2005