N14 Base Engine Troubleshooting and Repair Manual – 001-027   Cylinder Block and Liner Seats

Table of Contents

Leak Test

Leak Test


Drain the engine lubricating oil. Refer to Procedure 007-025-005.

Remove the lubricating oil pan. Refer to Procedure 007-025-002.


Pressurize the engine cooling system. Refer to Procedure 008-018-013.

NOTE: Apply the air pressure 15 minutes before inspecting the cylinder liner seats. Be sure the system is holding air pressure before beginning inspection.

  kpa psi
Air Pressure 138 20


Visually inspect the outside diameter of the cylinder liners and the area below the cylinder liner seats in the cylinder block for coolant leaks.

If a leak is found:

  • Remove the cylinder liner(s). Inspect the sealing ring and cylinder liner. Refer to Procedure 001-028-002.

If a leak is found in the cylinder liner seat:

  • Remove the cylinder liners. Refer to Procedure 001-028. Inspect the cylinder block liner counterbore area. Refer to the
  • M11 Shop Manual, Bulletin No. 3666075. If fretting or wear is found, the cylinder block liner counterbore can be repaired. Refer to the L10 and M11 Alternative Repair Manual, Bulletin No. 3810310.


Install a new gasket and the lubricating oil pan. Refer to Procedure 007-025-026. Tighten the oil pan drain plug.

Torque Value:  88  n.m  [65 ft-lb]

Fill the engine with clean 15W-40 oil. Refer to Procedure 007-025-028.

Operate engine until it reaches a temperature of 80°C [180°F] and check for coolant or lubricating oil leaks.

Last Modified:  12-May-2003