Electronic Control System Signature, ISX and QSX15 Engines – FAULT CODE 589

Engine Start Alarm Circuit


Fault Code: 589
PID: S121
SPN: 611
FMI: 4/4
LAMP: Yellow

Less than (+) 6 VDC detected at the engine start alarm circuit when high voltage was expected by the ICON™ ECM.

The ICON™ idle control system will be disabled. Only mandatory shutdown will be enabled. The engine start alarm can sound continuously, or not at all.

Engine Start Alarm Circuit

Circuit Description

The engine start alarm circuit turns on the audible engine start alarm to warn of an automatic engine start.

Component Location

The engine start alarm is typically located in the engine compartment. Use the OEM manual for specific location.

Shop Talk

This fault typically indicates a short circuit to ground. The engine must be equipped with a three-level engine braking harness and the ICON™ feature must be enabled for the engine start alarm to function.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-589.

Last Modified:  26-Oct-2010