ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 001-006   Bearings, Main

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Replace the main bearings one at a time.

Remove the main bearing capscrews.

Use main bearing cap puller, Part Number ST-1178, to remove the cap.

The tool must be centered on the cap. Pull straight down to remove the cap.


The Number 4 main bearing cap has thrust bearings. The cap is located with two dowel pins.


Remove the lower main bearing shell from the cap.

Mark the bearing shell with the letter L (lower) and the journal number from which it was removed.


To remove the upper main bearing shell, install bearing rollout tool, Part Number 3823818, in the oil hole of the main bearing journal.

Remove the tang side (1) of the main bearing shell first.

Rotate the crankshaft with the accessory drive pulley to remove the upper main bearing shell (2).

Last Modified:  26-Mar-2009