ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 001-024   Crankshaft Seal, Rear

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Non-REPTO Dry Lip Seal

NOTEOnly the unitized seal can be used as the service replacement for Non-REPTO Dry Seal application.

Remove the 12 mounting capscrews from the rear crankshaft oil seal.

The lip style seal can be easily removed by hand or light prying bars.

Discard the oil seal.


Non-REPTO Dry Unitized Seal

The unitized seal requires the rear crankshaft seal replacer kit, Part Number 3164302, for the removal process.

  1. Installer plate
  2. Crankshaft seal guide
  3. Guide screw
  4. Washer
  5. Installer screw
  6. Sheet metal screw
  7. Button head socket screw
  8. Drill bit
  9. Remover screw adapter
  10. Remover screw.

Place the remover screw adapter (9) on the back side of the installer plate.

Install the three button head socket screws (7) through the installer plate, into the adapter, and hand tighten.

Position the installer plate on the rear crankshaft oil seal.


Apply grease to the drill to catch the chips.

Drill one hole through the oil seal casing, using the installer plate as a location guide.

Install a sheet metal screw and hand tighten.

Repeat the process of drilling and installing the sheet metal screws.

At least three sheet metal screws equally spaced,
must be used. It can be necessary to use more sheet metal screws on some engines.


Lubricate the threads and tip of the remover screw with Lubriplate™ multi-purpose lubricant, Part Number 3163086, Part Number 3163087, or a suitable grease.

Install and turn the remover screw
clockwise until the rear crankshaft oil seal is removed.

Discard the rear crankshaft oil seal.


REPTO Dry Seal

Remove the crankshaft gear mounting capscrews.

Remove the 12 capscrews fastening the oil seal to the flywheel housing.

Use a heel bar to remove the oil seal (2) and dust seal (1) together.

Remove the gasket (3) and discard.

Last Modified:  03-Apr-2009