ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 001-089   Block Stiffener Plate

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Too much sealant applied to the stiffener plate can drip into the lubrication pan assembly. This excess sealant can become lodged in the oil suction tube screen and cause engine damage.

Install four evenly spaced (1 and 2) 10 cm [4 in] long guide pins in the block oil pan capscrew holes.

These guide pins aid in the stiffener plate and oil pan assembly.


Apply a 2 mm [0.0625 in] bead of sealant on the block contact area of the stiffener plate along the oil pan capscrew holes.

NOTE: The recessed areas in the stiffener plate allow main cap and capscrew clearance. This is the side that faces the block.


Maneuver the stiffener plate into place under the engine in the chassis.

Use the guide pins to align the stiffener plate into place and install new Torx™ head capscrews.

The guide pins can be removed, or left in place to assist in oil pan installation.


Tighten the Torx™ head capscrews in the sequence shown.

Torque Value:  47  n.m  [35 ft-lb]

Last Modified:  23-Jan-2009