ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 001-001   Alternator Drive Seal

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Do not use lubricant to install the seal. The oil seal must be installed with the lip of the seal and the shaft clean and dry. The yellow dust lip of the seal must be facing out.

Use the installation sleeve provided with the new seal to install the new seal and gasket.

Apply sealant, Part Number 3375066 or equivalent, to the threads of the capscrews.

Install the clamping ring with five (M8-1.25 x 20) capscrews. Tighten the capscrews in a star pattern.

Torque Value:

  1. 7 n.m   
    [60 in-lb]
  2. 20 n.m   
    [175 in-lb]


Place a light film of oil or antifreeze on the inside diameter of a new oil seal dust seal.

Install the dust seal onto the shaft with the larger outside diameter facing toward the engine.

Push the dust seal back by hand on the shaft until the entire dust seal contacts the oil seal case.

Last Modified:  05-Jan-2009