ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 004-001   Cam Follower Assembly

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Remove the nuts and washers from the cam follower assembly supports.


Install the cam follower assembly installation and removal tool, Part Number 3824519. Slide the tool under the assemblies with the supports located in the cutouts on the bottom surface of the tool.

The cam follower assembly consists of two shaft assemblies with a common center support.

Secure the tool to the assemblies by hand-tightening the screws on top of the tool.


Lift both ends of the cam follower assemblies to remove them from the engine.

Set the assemblies on a flat surface. Loosen the two screws on top of the tool, and remove the tool from the cam follower assemblies.


Install two M10 x 1.50 nuts on each stud.

Tighten the nuts together.

Turn the bottom nut counterclockwise to remove the stud.

NOTE: The cam follower studs have an internal oil passage to supply the cam followers with lubricating oil. The studs must be removed and checked.

Last Modified:  23-Jan-2009