ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – 008-030   Fan Drive Idler Pulley Assembly

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NOTE: Do not tighten the locknut until the fan drive belt has been installed and adjusted.

Install the idler pulley in the fan hub support bracket.

Install the washer and locknut on the idler pulley shaft.


Install the adjusting screw in the idler pulley shaft.

Turn the adjusting screw in far enough to install the washer and roll pin in the shaft at the bottom of the fan hub support bracket.


Install and adjust the fan drive belt. Refer to Procedure 008-002 in Section 8.

Refer to Procedure 018-005 in Section V for proper belt tension value.

Tighten the idler pulley shaft locknut.

Torque Value:  190  n.m  [140 ft-lb]

Check the belt tension again after the locknut is tightened.

Last Modified:  17-Feb-2009