ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – Coolant in the Lubricating Oil

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Symptom Tree  t025

This is symptom tree t025
Cause Correction

EGR cooler malfunctioning

Check the EGR cooler. Refer to Procedure
011-019 in Section 11.


Lubricating oil cooler is leaking

Check the lubricating oil cooler for coolant leaks. Refer to Procedure
007-003 in Section 7.


Air compressor cylinder head is cracked or porous, or has a leaking gasket

Inspect the air compressor cylinder head and gasket. Refer to the Master Repair Manual, Holset® Air Compressor, Bulletin 3666121 and the Cummins Single Cylinder Air Compressor Service and Maintenance Procedures, Bulletin 3666476.


Cylinder head gasket is leaking

Check the cylinder head gasket. Refer to Procedure
002-004 in Section 2.


Cylinder head is cracked or porous, or an injector sleeve is leaking

Pressure test the cylinder head and inspect the injector sleeves. Refer to Procedure
002-004 in Section 2.


Base engine problem

Refer to Cummins Inc. and request additional technical assistance.

Last Modified:  13-Apr-2009