ISM, ISMe, and QSM11 – Fuel in Coolant

Symptom Tree  t091

This is symptom tree t091
Cause Correction

Bulk coolant supply is contaminated

Check the bulk coolant supply. Drain the coolant and replace with noncontaminated coolant. Replace the coolant filters. Refer to Procedure 008-018.


Fuel heater is malfunctioning (if equipped)

Check the fuel heater and replace, if necessary. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Injector o-rings and sleeves are damaged. Injector o-rings are missing

Remove and check the injectors. Check o-rings and injector sleeves. Refer to Procedure 006-026.


Cylinder head is cracked or porous, or an injector sleeve is leaking

Pressure-test the cylinder head and inspect the injector sleeves. Refer to Procedure 002-004.

Last Modified:  16-Jan-2004