CM850 Electronic Control System – FAULT CODE 2348

EGR Valve Failed Automatic Calibration Procedure


Fault Code: 2348
PID: P027
SPN: 27
FMI: 13/13
LAMP: Amber

EGR valve failed automatic calibration procedure – out of calibration.

Possible low power. Power will be removed from the EGR valve motor.

EGR Valve Circuit

Circuit Description

The electronic control module (ECM) periodically checks and adjusts the zero position of the EGR valve position sensor when the EGR valve is closed. This self-calibrating feature adjusts for wear and unit-to-unit variation of position sensors and valve assemblies. This fault is logged if the position sensor reading is outside the self-calibration limit.

Component Location

The EGR valve position sensor is located on the EGR valve assembly. The EGR valve assembly is located on the exhaust side of the engine, mounted to the exhaust manifold. Refer to Procedure 100-002 for a detailed component location view.

Shop Talk

A possible cause of this fault could be an EGR valve assembly internal failure causing the EGR valve to not close fully.

When troubleshooting inactive counts of this fault code, running the EGR Valve Test in INSITE™ electronic service tool could help identify a stuck EGR valve.

Refer to Troubleshooting Fault Code t05-2348

Last Modified:  08-Jul-2010