CM2150 Electronic Control System – 019-117   Fuel Pump Actuator

Preparatory Steps



When using a steam cleaner, wear safety glasses or a face shield, as well as protective clothing. Hot steam can cause serious personal injury.

Wear appropriate eye and face protection when using compressed air. Flying debris and dirt can cause personal injury.
  • Steam clean the fuel pump and the area around the fuel pump.
  • Dry with compressed air.
  • Disconnect the fuel pump actuator harness connector.


Initial Check


Measure the fuel pump actuator resistance.

  • Minimum Resistance: 0.1 ohms
  • Maximum Resistance: 5 ohms




Remove the capscrews and fuel pump actuator.





Do not pause more than 2 minutes between torque steps 1 and 2. This can cause the capscrews not to maintain their torque value. Leakage or engine damage can result.

Lubricate the o-ring with clean oil before installation.

Fully press the fuel pump actuator into the fuel pump housing, use a slight twisting motion. Do this before starting the capscrews.

NOTE: Fully installing the fuel pump actuator prior to starting the capscrews reduces the risk of side loading the plunger and reduced component life.

NOTE: Be sure the fuel pump actuator flange is flush with the mounting surface on the fuel pump before tightening the capscrews.

Install and tighten the capscrews.

Torque Value:

  1. 3 n.m   
    [27 in-lb]
  2. 6.5 n.m   
    [58 in-lb]


Finishing Steps


  • Connect the fuel pump actuator harness connector.
  • Operate the engine and check for leaks.

Last Modified:  17-Jan-2011