CM2150 Electronic Control System – 019-159   Intake Manifold Pressure/Temperature Sensor

General Information


The intake manifold temperature sensor and intake manifold pressure sensors are combined into a single sensor. The sensor is located in the intake manifold. Refer to Procedure 100-002 for a detailed component location view.




Lift up on the locking tab and pull the electrical connectors apart.

Remove the capscrew.


Remove the sensor from the engine by pulling straight up on the sensor. Be careful not to damage the o-ring seal or the plastic cage surrounding the sensor tip when removing the sensor. Do not pry the sensor, as damage to the plastic cage can occur.


Inspect for Reuse


Inspect the engine harness connector and the intake manifold pressure/temperature sensor for the following:

  • cracked or broken shell
  • missing or damaged connector seals
  • dirt, debris, or moisture in or on the connector pins
  • corroded, bent, broken, pushed back, or expanded pins.


Inspect the intake manifold pressure/temperature sensor for the following:

  • swollen o-ring
  • nicks or cuts in or on the o-ring.



Wear appropriate eye and face protection when using compressed air. Flying debris and dirt can cause personal injury.

Inspect the tip of the sensor for soot and carbon buildup.

Use compressed air to remove the soot from the sensor, if necessary.

Do not replace the sensor for soot in the sensor.




Make sure the new sensor has an o-ring.

Install the new sensor into the engine.

Tighten the capscrew.

Torque Value:  6  n.m  [53 in-lb]

Push the connectors together until they lock. An audible click will be heard as the connectors lock in place.

Last Modified:  15-Jan-2007