CM2150 Electronic Control System – 019-198   Fuse, Harness In-Line

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Remove the fuse protective covers from the fuse(s) that are being checked. Check to make sure the fuse is installed in the fuse holder correctly.

There is one 30 amp fuse in the ECM battery supply positive (+) lines.

There is also a 5 amp fuse in the keyswitch ignition line.


If the fuse is installed correctly, check for a blown fuse.

Remove the fuse(s) to be checked.

Touch each one of the multimeter leads to each fuse terminal. Measure the resistance.

The multimeter must show less than 10 ohms, which is a closed circuit. If the circuit is closed then put the fuse back into the holder and connect the fuse cover.

Last Modified:  03-Apr-2003