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Energy Cell

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Examples of the energy cell, or Lanova divided chamber, can still be encountered in vintage Caterpillar tractor engines (Fig. 7-4). The cell consists of a kidney shaped main chamber, located over the piston, and a secondary chamber, or energy cell, which is divided into two parts. The cell opens to a narrow throat, situated
between the two lobes of the main chamber.

During the compression stroke about 10% of the air volume passes into the energy cell. The injector, mounted on the far side of the main chamber, delivers a solid jet of fuel aimed at the cell. A small percentage of the fuel shears off and remains in the main chamber and some collects in the cell chamber closest to the piston bore. But most of the fuel dead-ends in the outermost cell chamber.

Ignition occurs in this outer chamber. Unburned fuel and hot gases accelerate as they pass through the venturi between the two cell chambers and enter the main chamber. The rounded walls of the main chamber impart a swirl to the charge to promote better mixing.

lanova IDI Energy Cell

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