Diesel Engine Troubleshooting

Accelerator Position Sensor

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• The accelerator position sensor converts the accelerator opening into an electric signal and outputs it to the engine ECU. There are two types of accelerator position sensor: the hall element type and the contact type. In addition, to provide backup in the event of breakdown, there are two systems and the output voltage is offset.

Hall Element Type
– This sensor uses a hall element to generate voltage from change in the direction of the magnetic field. A magnet
is installed on the shaft that rotates linked with the accelerator pedal, and the rotation of this shaft changes the magnetic field of the Hall element. The voltage generated by this change in the magnetic field is amplified by an amplifier and input to the engine ECU.

pic1 87 Accelerator Position Sensor

Contact Type
– The sensor uses a contact-type variable resistor. Since the lever moves linked with the accelerator pedal, the sensor resistance value varies with the accelerator pedal opening. Therefore, the voltage passing the sensor changes, and this voltage is input to the engine ECU as the accelerator opening signal.

pic1 88 Accelerator Position Sensor

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