1999 GM 6.5L V8 – Separating Parts

Important: Many internal engine components will develop specific wear patterns on their friction surfaces.

When disassembling the engine, internal components MUST be separated, marked, or organized in a way to ensure reinstallation to their original location and position.

Separate, mark, or organize the following components:
• Piston and the piston pin
• Piston to the specific cylinder bore
• Piston rings to the piston
• Connecting rod to the crankshaft journal
• Connecting rod to the bearing cap

A paint stick or etching/engraving type tool are recommended. Stamping the connecting rod or cap near the bearing bore may affect component geometry.
• Crankshaft main and connecting rod bearings
• Camshaft and valve lifters
• Valve lifters, guides, pushrods, pivot supports and rocker arms
• Valve to the valve guide
• Valve spring and shim to the cylinder head location
• Engine block main bearing cap location and direction
• Oil pump drive and driven gears

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