1999 GM 6.5L V8 – Vacuum Pump Replacement – Removal Procedure

Tools Required
• J 25034-C Pump Pulley Remover
• J 25033-C Pump Pulley Installer

1. Remove the drive belt from the drive pulleys.
Refer to Drive Belt Replacement (6.5L Drive Belt).

2. Remove the vacuum line from the vacuum pump.

3. Remove the ground strap from the vacuum pump to the frame.

4. Remove the vacuum pump mounting bolts.

5. Remove the vacuum purrip from the accessory bracket.

6. Remove the vacuum pump pulley:
6.1. Place the vacuum pump in a vise.
6.2. Attach the J 25034-C to the pulley.
6.3. Remove the pulley from the vacuum pump using the J 25034-C.

7. Install the vacuum pump pulley on the vacuum pump.
7.1. Attach the J 25033-C to the vacuum pump pulley.
7.2. Install the vacuum pump pulley to the vacuum pump.
7.3. Remove the J 25033-C.

8. Remove the vacuum from the vise.


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