GM 6.5L V8 – Oil Pump Assembly

The oil pump assembly mounts on the crankshaft main bearing cap #5, using a bolt and alignment dowels (see Figure 3-2). It uses drive and driven gears to move oil under pressure to the various parts of the engine. The engine must never be run with the oil pump drive/engine speed sensor removed.

The camshaft has a helical gear that rotates a mating gear of the oil pump drive/engine speed sensor assembly.
The oil pump drive uses a six-sided rod to connect to the oil pump drive gear.

As the pump gears rotate, oil in the sump of the oil pan is drawn in through a suction screen and tube. The action of the gears moves oil into the lubrication system under pressure, and a regulator valve in the pump housing limits the maximum pressure to 80 psi.

Oil from the pump moves through the #5 bearing cap and cylinder case passages to a plug, which directs it to the oil cooler system (see Figure 3-3).

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