GM 6.5L V8 – Sealing Surfaces

The front cover uses an anaerobic sealant (GM P/N 1052942) at its surfaces that contact the cylinder case and water pump assembly (see Figure 3-14). This type of sealant is soft and pliable when exposed to air and cures to a hard film when parts are joined.

The water pump assembly also uses anaerobic sealant at its contact surface with the front cover (see Figure 3-15, view A). Other front cover sealing areas include the oil fill pipe grommet (see Figure 3-15, view B) and the injection pump gasket (see Figure 3-15, view C).

Each rocker arm cover uses an RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) sealant (GM P/N 1052915) on its flange that contacts the cylinder head (see Figure 3-16, view A). The right rocker arm cover also has a grommet at the Crankcase Depression Regulator Valve (CDRV) fitting.

The oil pan also uses RTV sealant on its cylinder case and front cover sealing flanges, as well as a rubber seal at the crankshaft #5 main bearing cap (see Figure 3-16, view B). The oil dipstick tube has an O-ring seal at its mounting in the left side of the oil pan.

The cylinder case has lubrication system passage plugs that use thread sealant (GM P/N 1052080). The oil pump drive uses an O-ring seal at its mounting bore in the cylinder case.

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