Caterpillar EMS Low-pressure circuit

Figure 6-17 illustrates the low pressure circuit for EUI-equipped engines. A gear-type transfer pump (9) delivers fuel from the tank (12) to the injectors (3). The pump incorporates a check valve (11) that permits fuel to flow around it during manual priming and a pressure-relief valve (10) to protect the system from over-pressurization.

Cat supplies dealer mechanics with a special tool, consisting of a pressure gauge, a sight glass, and the necessary fittings for makeup to mechanical and electronic low pressure systems.

Check fuel pressure by removing the fuel pressure sensor at the base of the fuel filter. Install a pressure gauge and run the engine at rated rpm and load. Pressure should be 90 psi. If pressure is 75 psi or lower, check the fuel level in the tank, verify that the fuel cap vent is open, and that supply and return lines are in good condition. Pay particular attention to the return line, which can collapse if exposed to excessive heat. Replace the fuel filter. If necessary, replace the lift pump.

If fuel pressure is high, that is, 100 psi or greater, remove the fuel-regulating valve (10) and make sure the orifices near the tip of the unit are open. Flush out any debris and attempt to find the source of the contamination. Check for a clogged fuel return line. Verify that the transfer-pump relief valve functions.

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