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Robert Bosch governors used with inline pumps (M, A, MW, and P) can look the same externally; however, they
are designed for different types of engine applications, and therefore engine speed control can be governed at different settings of the throttle. Types of governors manufactured by Robert Bosch Corporation and used on their inline injection pumps in truck applications are described below.

The letter designations used for these mechanical governors take the following forms:

R: flyweight governor
S: swivel lever action
Y: variable-speed (all-range) governor
Q: fulcrum lever action
K: torque earn control
W: leaf spring action

For example, if the nameplate on a governor read EP/RS275/1400AOB478DL, this would mean:

EP: found on older governors, no longer used
RS: R/flyweight governor with swivel lever action, minimum/maximum (limiting speed) type of governor
275: low-idle pump speed (this would be 550 rpm engine speed, four cycle)
/: also indicates mini max (limiting speed) governor
1400: full-Ioad-rated speed (this would be 2800 rpm engine speed, four cycle)
A: fits on A-size inline injection pump
0: amount of speed regulation (droop percentage)
B: execution-not used to indicate the original design on governors; A, first change;B, second change; and so on
478DL: application and engineering information only

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