Bosch Inline Fuel Injection Pump Equipped with EDC

Major components of an inline fuel injection pump equipped with EDC (electronic diesel control).

1 Fuel tank, 2 Supply pump, 3 Fuel filter, 4 In-line fuel-injection pump, 5 Timing device, 6 Governor, 7 Nozzle-and-holder assembly, 8 Fuel return line, 9 Sheathed element glow plug with glow control unit, 10 Electronic control unit, 11 Diagnosis indicator, 12 Switches for clutch, brake, exhaust brake, 13 Speed selector lever, 14 Pedal position sensor, 15 Engine-speed sensor. 16 Temperature sensor (water, air, fuel), 17 Charge-pressure sensor, 18 Turbocharger, 19 Battery, 20 Glow-plug and starter switch.

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