Paccar MX-13 – Cleaning cylinder block

1. Remove the gasket remnants from the cylinder block.

2. Clean the sealing surface of the cylinder block.
– Use only brass scrapers or brass brushes to clean the residual material on the head-to-block mating surfaces.
– Do not use steel brushes, steel scrapers, or polishing pads.
– The striations on the mating surface of the block and the corresponding surface on the head are part of the strategy for preventing gasket fretting and erosion. Do not polish these surfaces.

3. Check the sealing surface and the threaded holes in the cylinder block for damage.
– Use a rag and solvent to clean any remaining contaminants.
Sealing only takes place on the indicated areas between gasket and cylinder block.
Damage on the cylinder block outside the indicated areas on the cylinder head gasket is not a reason for failure.
– Gas sealing locations are marked red.
– Coolant sealing locations are marked blue.
– Oil sealing locations are marked green.


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