Paccar MX-13 – Cleaning exhaust system EGR cooler

1. Examine the adapter fittings and O-rings of the special tool.
Replace the O-rings in the event of damage, after three test procedures or after one year of proper storage.

2. Apply the specified lubricant to the O-rings.
Do not use a silicon-based product.
Silicon-based products can damage the equipment.

3. Clean the adapter fittings and EGR cooler exhaust gas inlet and outlet.

4. Install the inlet adapter (A) to the EGR cooler exhaust gas inlet.

5. Refit the V-clamp (1) and tighten it to the specified torque.

6. Insert the outlet adapter (D) into the EGR cooler exhaust gas outlet.

7. Install the half-moon flanges (G).

8. Install the bolts (E) to secure the half-moon flanges and tighten them hand-tight.

9. Close the fluid valve (B).

10. Close the air valve (C).

11. Connect a hose to the inlet adapter (A).

12. Attach the pump from the EPA10 EGR cleaning kit (ST1809997) to the hose connection (F) at the outlet adapter (D).
The flow must enter the EGR cooler from the exhaust gas outlet side and exit from the exhaust gas inlet side.

13. Position both the hose of the inlet adapter (A) and the pump in a bucket with cleaning agent.
– Use the 6.5 gallon bucket from ST1809997.
– Dilute 1 to 2 gallons of PACCAR Part # 1204090105 EGR cooler Cleaning Solution at a 1:1 ratio with hot water.
– MSDS is provided with the solution from PACCAR Parts.
– Use the personal protective equipment as outlined in the MSDS.

14. Make sure that all connections from pump to outlet adapter (D) are secure.

15. Open the fluid valve (B).

16. Pump the cleaning solution through the EGR cooler for a minimum of 45 minutes.

17. Switch off the pump and close the fluid valve (B).

18. Remove the hose from the outlet adapter (D) and replace it with a fresh water source.
Flush a couple of gallons of fresh water through the pump and hoses to purge them of the solution after every use.

19. Open the fluid valve (B) and flush until only clean water exits the cooler.
Take special care to capture all flush water and solvent for proper disposal.

20. Switch off the water supply, close the fluid valve (B) and disconnect the water supply.

21. Connect a hose to the outlet adapter (D) and route it to an empty bucket to capture the air
pressure and moisture. Make sure that the hose is securely in the bucket, as it may flail when pressurized.

22. Attach shop air to the inlet adapter (A) and open the air valve (C).

23. Purge water from the EGR cooler and dry internal passages for a minimum of 5 minutes.
Clean thoroughly to avoid damage to the engine and aftertreatment components.

24. Remove the outlet adapter (D).

25. Open air valve (C) for at least 30 seconds to purge remaining water from the cooler.

26. Close air valve (C) and remove the inlet adapter (A).

27. Clean all lines and hoses connected to the EGR system.
A clogged EGR cooler probably also has clogged lines or hoses.

28. Remove the inlet air boost pressure sensor (2) and inspect the sensor’s orifice.
If the sensor is plugged, replace it.

29. Clean the engine port and install the inlet air boost pressure sensor (2).

30. Flush the pump and all hoses and adapters with fresh water to purge the remaining cleaning

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