Paccar MX-13 – Filling and bleeding cooling system

1. Set the cabin heater to the maximum temperature.

2. Fill the cooling system with the specified coolant.

3. Run the engine at an increased speed (n = 1200 rpm) for at least three minutes to bleed the cooling system

If a fuel injection pipe has been reused during repair:
Visually check the fuel injection pipe connections for leakage during:
– Idling
– 1200 rpm

Immediately stop the engine if fuel leakage occurs and replace the leaking fuel injection pipe.

4. Check and top up the coolant level during bleeding.
Top up until the coolant level stabilizes at the maximum indicator.

5. Check that both hoses connected to the cabin heater start to warm up.

6. Switch off the engine.
Make sure that the filler cap is installed.


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