Paccar MX-13 – Installing all camshaft bearings

– The engine block is fitted with seven camshaft bearings; the first bearing is located at cylinder one.

– The following parts of the special tool are already installed during removal of the bearings:
the adapter (A).
the guide adapter (O).

– All camshaft bearings are pressed into position with stamp (K).

– Install the camshaft bearings in the order 1st to 7th.
Check for correct part numbers of the camshaft bearings.
This is to prevent damage to the bearings which have just been mounted with the stamp (K).

The camshaft bearings are installed using a special tool, including:
– Adapter (A)

– Spindle (B)
– Guide adapter (C)
– Guide/press ring (D), small
– Shim rings (E)
– Locking ring (F)
– Nut (G)
– Guide/press ring (H), large
– Hydraulic puller (I)
– Hydraulic press (J)
– Stamp (K)
– Fixation pin (L)
– Bush (M)
– End stop (N)
– Guide adapter (O)



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