Paccar MX-13 – Installing assembly EGR cooler

1. Check the sealing rings (14) and the sealing rings on the venturi (13) for damage.
If damaged, replace them.

2. Apply the specified mounting product to the sealing rings (14) and insert them in the coolant pipe and coolant pump.

3. Apply the specified mounting product to the venturi (13), and fit it in the EGR cooler (4).

4. Carefully maneuver the EGR cooler (4) into position.
– Make sure that all three connections are positioned correctly.
– The pin (9) must catch the slot in the central EGR bracket (10).

5. Hook up the fixing bands (7) in the brackets (10), fit the attachment bolts (6) and tighten them to the specified torque.

6. Fit the breather pipe (11), and tighten the banjo (8) with new sealing rings to the specified torque.



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