Paccar MX-13 – Installing fuel injection pipe from pump unit to fuel rail

Flushing high-pressure fuel pump
1. Loosen the knob of the fuel lift pump (1) by turning it counterclockwise.

2. Operate the manual fuel lift pump (1) to flush the high-pressure fuel pump.
Make sure that there is no debris in the high-pressure fuel pump output.

Dirt or debris in the fuel system can lead to severe engine damage.

3. Fit the new fuel injection pipe (5) without tension, and tighten it by hand up to the end of thread.

4. First tighten the union nut (6) on the pump unit to the specified torque.

5. Then tighten the union nut (4) on the rail side to the specified torque.
– Bending the injection pipes leads to cracking, and is therefore prohibited.
– Make sure that the fuel injection pipe is tightened correctly, otherwise external leakage can occur.


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