EDU (Electronic Driving Unit)

(1) General Description
• An EDU is provided to enable high-speed actuation of the injectors. The EDU has a high-voltage generation device
(DC/DC converter) and supplies high voltage to the injectors to actuate the injectors at high speed.

(2) Operation
• The high-voltage generating device in the EDU converts the battery voltage into high voltage. The ECU sends signals to terminals B through E of the EDU in accordance with the signals from the sensors. Upon receiving these signals, the EDU outputs signals to the injectors from terminals H through K. At this time, terminal F outputs the IJf injection verification signal to the ECU.

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  1. My engine diagnosis says shows EDU.My vehicle engine stops even when I pedal the accelerator. The engine keeps on stopping running. Is it the EDU unit that needs changing or something else?
    Thank you

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