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HP2 Supply Pump Operation

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Supply Pump Overall Fuel Flow
• Fuel is suctioned by the feed pump from the fuel tank and sent to the SCV. At this time, the regulating valve adjusts the fuel pressure to below a certain level. Fuel sent to the feed pump has the required discharge quantity adjusted by the SCV and enters the pumping mechanism through the check valve. The fuel pumped by the pumping mechanism is pumped through the delivery valve to the rail.

pic1 34 HP2 Supply Pump Operation

Fuel Discharge Quantity Control
• The diagram below shows that the suction starting timing (SCV (Suction Control Valve) ON) is constant (determined
by the pump speed) due to the crankshaft position sensor signal. For this reason, the fuel suction quantity is controlled by changing the suction ending timing (SCV OFF). Hence, the suction quantity decreases when the SCV is turned OFF early and the quantity increases when the SCV is turned OFF late.
• During the intake stroke, the plunger receives the fuel feed pressure and descends along the cam surface. When the SCV turns OFF (suction end), the feed pressure on the plunger ends and the descent stops. Since the suction quantity varies, when suction ends (except for maximum suction) the roller separates from the cam surface.
• When the drive shaft rotates and the cam peak rises and the roller comes in contact with the cam surface again, the plunger is pressed by the cam and starts pumping. Since the suction quantity = the discharge quantity, the discharge quantity is controlled by the timing with which the SCV is switched OFF (suction quantity).

pic1 35 HP2 Supply Pump Operation

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