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Ford 7.3L DI Camshaft Position Sensor

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Sensors for mid-1994 to 1996 models are marked C96 or C 97; C-92 sensors were used from late-1997 to the end of production. These OEM units can cause no-start, hard-start, erratic idle, and shutdown on deceleration problems unless shimmed 0.010 in. off their mounting surfaces.

Replacement sensors have been shortened and do not require shimming. The CMP for mid-1994 to 96 models carries International part number C92 F7TZ-12K03-A, and can be recognized by the tin-coated connectors. The latest C98-F7TZ-12K073-A 128 Electronic management systems version features gold-plated connectors, which gives one an idea of the problems associated
with these units. And while the newer CMP has better reliability than the previous type, its gold connectors present an electrolysis problem when mated with the tin connectors used on early 7.3L production. Replacement sensors cost about $100 from International. It’s good insurance to carry a spare.

The CMP mounts on the front of the engine, adjacent to the camshaft, and is secured by two 10-mm bolts. Trouble code 0344 will be flagged if sensor response is intermittent; 0341 means that enough electrical noise has been detected to affect engine operation. Check connectors for loose, bent, or spread pins and clean grounds. Code 0340 indicates the absence of a sensor signal while cranking. In this case, the engine will not start.

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