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Bosch RSV Governor Diagram

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The RSVgovernor assembly is designed as an all-range (variable) governor which functions to control the engine idle and maximum speeds, in addition to allowing the operator to place the throttle at any position between idle and maximum where the governor will control the speed setting minus the droop The RSV governor is widely used on combination on- and off-high way truck applications, as well as farm tractors and industrial and marine units employing the M, A, MW,or P Bosch model inline multiple-plunger injection pumps. Although similar in external appearance to the RS limiting-speed (minimum/maximum) governor described in this section, the RSV does allow several adjustments at points outside the housing that are not available on the RS unit. Figure above illustrates an external view of the RSV governor housing with the various external adjustments shown. These include:

• The idle-speed screw
• The auxiliary idle-speed spring or bumper screw
• The throttle lever linkage maximum speed adjusting screw

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