C15 – 0001-05 Cylinder #1 Injector current low (72)

Conditions Which Generate This Code:
• The ECM detects a low current condition (open circuit) during five consecutive attempts to energize the No. 1 injector.
• The battery voltage is above 9 VDC for the last two seconds.

System Response:
The ECM will log the diagnostic code and the ECM will trigger a snapshot. The check engine lamp will illuminate while this diagnostic code is active. The electronic service tool will show an “OPEN” during
the “Injector Solenoid Test”. The automatic “Cylinder Cutout Test” will not work.

Possible Performance Effect:
• Engine misfires
• Low Power

The injector will not operate while this diagnostic code is active.

Perform the following diagnostic procedure:
“Injector Solenoid Circuit – Test”

• OK – STOP.

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