C15 – 0006-06 Cylinder #6 Injector current high (74)

Conditions Which Generate This Code:
• The ECM detects a high current condition (short circuit) during five consecutive attempts to
energize the No. 6 injector.
• The battery voltage is above 9 VDC for the last two seconds.

System Response:
The ECM will log the diagnostic code and the ECM will trigger a snapshot. The check engine lamp will
illuminate while this diagnostic code is active. The electronic service tool will show a “SHORT” during
the “Injector Solenoid Test”. The automatic “Cylinder Cutout Test” will not work.

Possible Performance Effect:
• Engine misfires
• Low Power

The injector will not operate while this diagnostic code is active.

Perform the following diagnostic procedure:
“Injector Solenoid Circuit – Test”

• OK – STOP.

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