C15 – 0108-04 Barometric Pressure voltage low (26)

Conditions Which Generate This Code:

The Engine Control Module (ECM) detects the following conditions:
• The signal voltage from the atmospheric pressure sensor is less than 0.2 VDC for more than 30 seconds.
• The ECM has been powered for at least two seconds.
• The engine is not running or the engine has been running for more than ten seconds.

System Response:
The ECM will log the diagnostic code and the ECM will trigger a snapshot. The check engine lamp will illuminate while this diagnostic code is active. The ECM will default to 100 kPa (15 psi) for atmospheric pressure.

Possible Performance Effect:
The engine power will be derated by 10%.

Perform the following diagnostic procedure: “Engine Pressure Sensor Open or Short Circuit – Test”

• OK – STOP.

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