Cummins Service Products Catalog – Tool 3163594Electrical Circuit Tester


Engine Family: ISB, ISC, ISL, ISM, Signature/ISX, QSB, QSC, QSL, QSX

This kit consists of electrical circuit tester and cables that allows the technician to monitor voltage, current and open circuits in the ECM harness at the ECM pins. This kit is used for any application using 50-pin connectors. Optional cable kits can be purchased to adapt 3163594 to applications using other connectors.

Ref. No. Part No. Description
1 3163589  Electrical circuit tester 
2 3163590  Harness adapter cable (10 feet)
3 3163591  ECM adapter cable (10 feet)
Optional Cables to be used with 3163594:
4 3163880  Power generation adapter kit 
5 3163883  Quantum/CENSE adapter kit 
6 3163886  CELECT/CELECT Plus adapter kit 
Not Shown 3164182 ISB with CM850, ISX/Signature with CM870 adapter kit.
Last Modified:  31-Jul-2003