Cummins Service Products Catalog – Tool 3376350Injector Cup Spray Tester


Engine Family: All Except B and C Series

This low pressure tester is designed to test the injector cup to make sure that all the spray holes are open and spraying in a uniform pattern and angle. This allows testing of the cups prior to assembly to the injector. The tester requires a clean source of injector test fluid and can be easily adapted to 3375317 Injector Test Stand.

NOTE: Part number 3376402 Adapter is available to adapt the tester to the older comparators ST 790 or HA 280.

Ref. No. Part No. Description
1 3376680  Cylinder 
2 3376681  Cylinder Lid 
3 3376682  O’ring (Std PTD)
4 3376683  O’ring (V378, V504, V555)
5 3823703  Cup Adapter (All K Series)
5 3823702  O’ring (All K Series)
5 3823701  O’ring (All K Series)
6 3376700  Square Cut O’ring (Flanged Injectors)
7 3376974  Pressure Regulator 
Note: Both 3823701 & 3823702 O’rings must be used when testing K cups in 3823703 Adapter.
Last Modified:  31-Jul-2003