Cummins Service Products Catalog – Tool 3822472Front Cover and Main Shaft Assembly Tool Kit


Engine Family: All Except B & C Series

This kit is used to install and remove seals and main drive shaft assembly in the fuel pump.

Ref. No. Part No. Description
1 3822474  Bearing, Gear, Coupling Driver 
2 3377180  Front Cover Support Plate 
3 3376722  Tach Seal Driver 
  3822475  Shaft Seal Installation Kit 
4 3822473  Main Shaft Seal Driver 
5 3822505  Seal Guide Pin, .635 Bore
6 3822477  Seal Guide Pin, .565 Bore
7 3824225  Fuel Pump Shaft Seal Driver 

NOTE3824226 Guide Pin made from a “plastic” material is available as an option to 3822477 Guide Pin. Order separately as desired.

Last Modified:  31-Jul-2003