Cummins Service Products Catalog – Tool 3822761Air Compressor Exhaust Seat Puller Kit


Engine Family: All

3822674 Kit is used to remove and install the nine hole exhaust valve seat from the single cylinder Cummins air compressor while the compressor is still assembled to the engine. The compressor head and coolant lines can remain in place.

3822681 Kit is used for two cylinder Cummins air compressors. Several components of the 3822674 Kit must be used also on the two cylinder compressors.

Ref. No. Part No. Description
  3822674  Single Cylinder Kit 
1 3822675  Collet 
2 3822676  Expander 
  3822681  Two Cylinder Kit 
7 3822682  Collet 
9 3822684  Capscrew 
Last Modified:  31-Jul-2003