Cummins Service Products Catalog – Tool 3885823Premium Plus Flush Kit


Engine Family: All

The Premium Plus Flush Kit is used to clean carbon build up on injectors which results in poor performance.

The Flush Kit is simple and works in approximately 45 minutes. It is simply hooked to the engine in place of the fuel lines.

With the engine running just above idle (approx. 1000/1200 RPM), it takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to consume a gallon of this special fluid.

Use of the Flush Kit results in improved emissions and does not harm the fuel systems or engine components.

Unburned fluid is returned to the container and recirculated until all is consumed.

Special hoses and fittings have been developed to connect the engine fuel suction hose to the fluid container so that the fuel pump pulls the fluid from the container as it is running.

The Hose Kit 3885739 contains all necessary plumbing to connect the Flush Kit to the engine fuel system.

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Part No. Description
3885823  Premium Plus Flush Kit (Single Unit) 
3885739  Hose Kit (Sold Separately) 
Last Modified:  11-May-2007